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Korea Research Fellowship (KRF) Program 2018, Brain Pool (BP) Program - 2nd round 2018

Brain Pool (BP) Program - 2nd round 2018

The MSIT (Ministry of Science and ICT) and NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea) welcome applications from host researchers in South Korea who wish to invite outstanding scientists to join the Brain Pool Program (BP Program). This program is designed to invite overseas outstanding scientists for the enhancement of research competence through joint research in R&D fields in Korea.

Interested applicants are requested to file an application in accordance with the relevant procedures.
 A. Fields of Research: All fields* in science and technology
 B. Eligibility of Brain Pool candidates: outstanding overseas scientists who have been awarded a doctoral degree for more than five years.
 C. Application period: 6-12 months (3-12 months for industrial bodies)
  Application submission period:  April 18 (Wed.) - May 23, 2018 (Wed.) by 18:00 ※ 

Approval from their host institutions on ERND: by May 24, 2018 (Thur.), (6 p.m.) (Date/Time is based on Korea Local Time (UTC/GMT +9 hours)

Please find the  zip file  on the website for more details

What is BP program?


  • To enhance the R&D level of Korea by attracting outstanding overseas scientists through various joint research activities in R&D fields in Korea, and to establish a long term international cooperation network.
  • Balancing the scientific and technical standards in the field of national research institutes, universities and industries by focusing on compensating for the insufficient number of outstanding researchers.


  • - Building an international cooperative network with leading international scientists.
  • - Improvement of the level of science technology in the industry, academia, and institute by focusing on compensating for the insufficient number of outstanding researchers.
  • - Creating synergy effects by interacting with Korean and overseas high-level scientists, creating an open research environment for improving the level of globalization.

Eligibility of Invited Scientist (Bran Pool Fellow)

  • - Foreign or overseas Korean scientists* living abroad and holding a Doctoral degree with 5-years or more of R&D experience outside of Korea.
  • *Korean nationals - limited to those who are residing overseas when applying for the Brain Pool program.
  • ※ In the case of that corporate research institute is the host organization, Brain Pool candidates who have five-years or more of on-site R&D experience in the overseas industry may apply regardless of his/her passion of a doctoral degree
  • ※ Possibility of re-applying with the same project (same PI, Brain Pool fellow)
  • ※ Possibility of re-applying within 3 years after completing the Brain Pool program for up to a maximum of 3 times (including the first term).

Applicable projects and Fields

  • - Applicable projects : Those which need outstanding scientists and engineers from overseas and are strategically necessary for Korea to advance its science and technology.
  • - Applicable fields : All fields in science and technology
  • AreaSpecific Area
    Pure ScienceMathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Measurement and Instrumentation, Standards, Astronomy
    Mechanics, Materials and AerospaceMechanics, Naval Architecture, Aviation, Space, Materials
    Electricity, Electronics, Information Communication TechnologyElectricity, Power, Electronics, Computer, Communications, Optical Engineering, Applied Physics
    Chemical Engineering and BioscienceApplied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Agriculture, Fishery, Health
    Resources, Ocean, Environment, Construction, EnergyResources, Ocean, Environment, Construction and Nuclear Power and energy
    S&T Policy and Other AreasCognitive/Emotional Science, Science and Technology Policy/Society, etc.
  • ※ Major preferences
  • - Provide strategic preferential support in areas where the country's private sector lacks R&D capabilities and where the government's role as a technology provider is critical in projects such as IoT Platform, New Biologics, Advanced Materials, Disaster Safety. (Reference: 2018 National R&D investment plans & standards, by steering committee of national science & technology council in March, 2017」

Host Institution

  • - Government-supported research institutes, national and public research institutes, universities and university-affiliated research institutes, corporate research institutes* (affiliated research institutes registered with the Korea Industrial Technology Association)
  • * Corporate research institutes are those established as SMEs and venture businesses under Article 14 (1) of the Basic Research Promotion and Technology Development Support Act and Article 16 (1) of the Enforcement Decree of the same Act

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